Friday, 27 July 2012

My Opinion about Tragic Hero and Hamartia with the reference of The old man and the sea:-
About the Tragic Hero:
The tragic hero is a hero who has a hard life, he is able to sacrifice his life for the absolute perfection of his life goal, and he is an honorable figure in the any type of work.
The Tragic hero should be high degree that is a king, prince, commander, or the like he is affected by his actions and certainly by his downfall.
Tragic hero should be like a good, brave, powerful, superhuman, the tragic hero win at the end, good or moral values, or he is fulfill the desire of the readers and he is at the central figure of the work.  
Example of the Tragic Hero:-
 In the novel the old man in the sea we can find the real example of the tragic hero as Santiago. Though he is too old, he goes too far in the sea for catching the fish. He knew that he reached at far and it is also the dangerous for him yet he made mistake by going too far in the sea and for that he has to pay the thing by loosing the fish. His decision of going too far is his error of judgment/ hamartia for that he has to suffer and loose the fish.   

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Symbols in the ‘’OLD MAN AND SEA’’

To convey the meaning the author uses various symbols and to understand them we need to read between the lines. The old man, Santiago is himself the symbol of brave old man who defies the again as far as the perseverance is concerned. He is not the typical aged person who sit in the home reading the news paper. Instead he goes no dreaming of achieving big thing field. The patched sail of his shift is symbol of defeat the sea symbolizes all compassionate motherly figure and the home of many creatures three days later , when he returns to his  shack carrying mast over his shoulder Christ with cross appears  before our eyes . Thus the novella has variety of symbols and they enrich the writing.